Multi Course Packages

Our bulk packages are perfect for teachers looking to take three or more courses in a year.

Package 1
$500(a $100 savings!)
  • Choose any 3 courses for $500
Package 2
$700(a $300 savings!)
  • Choose any 5 courses for $700
Package 3Best Value
$900 (a $500 savings!)
  • Choose any 7 courses for $900 (a $500 savings!)

How does it work?

You choose the right package for you (3 course, 5 course, 7 course). You will have 1 year to complete your courses. You can work on the courses at your own pace, in which ever order you like.

How Do I Register For a Package?

Click on the package, or on our “Register for a Class” page. After your payment is processed, we will contact you via email with your Course Selection Survey. It’s that easy.