Adding Mindfulness and Meditation Into Your Classroom


  • Analyze how the mind body connection affects learning and behavior
  • Analyze the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional benefits of mindfulness for children in the classroom
  • Create strategies for physical and emotional wellness


Mindfulness when integrated into the classroom, has the ability to transform classroom  and school culture. We as educators understand that we are living in a time when social emotional learning is an urgent matter. Mental health issues and school violence are on the rise.  It is clear that so many students are emotionally deprived, socially disconnected, foundationless, and uncentered.  We as educators need to get back to where the whole child is cared for and nurtured. Creating a safe haven and a refuge for children of all backgrounds and abilities. Giving the students the ability to face difficult emotions and discover what is really is the underlying issue.  Educators in this course will develop strategies for putting mindfulness activities into their classrooms to improve student learning outcomes and behaviors. 


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