Adding Yoga Into Your Classroom


  • Analyze benefits of yoga in the classroom
  • Develop strategies for implementing yoga into any classroom!


Today’s children are more anxious and stressed at school than ever before due to more rigid testing requirements and higher academic and social expectations. The prevalence of behavior and emotional disorders is on the rise in children.  In this course you will learn ways to figure out how to help these children by giving them the tools to calm themselves during anxious moments, quiet their minds of the negative thinking, and feel good about themselves in general. Begin introducing some breathing techniques, guided visualizations, and a few postures a few minutes each day. As teachers, we all face the dilemma of not having enough time to teach with depth and it seems like we are always just scratching the surface. We are bombarded by paperwork, testing requirements, classroom management issues, and now core curriculum expectations. Most teachers would say, “How do you expect me to fit yoga into my already jam-packed schedule?” The answer is , as a teacher who Incorporating yoga can be as simple as 10 minutes a day.


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