Adolescent Literacy


  • Analyze school-wide approaches for building adolescent literacy skills
  • Develop practices for utilizing assessment results in order to plan effective literacy instruction


Literacy skills are essential in order to participate in today’s increasingly global society and economy that demand the ability to effectively use literacy in multiple contexts for multiple purposes. Today’s adolescents have greater literacy demands placed upon them than ever before as they prepare to enter an adult world that requires their ability to read, write, and speak successfully. Today’s teachers face greater challenges than ever before in meeting the increasingly diverse literacy needs of their students in order to prepare them for success in the adult world. This course will prepare you to assist your adolescent students who struggle with literacy to achieve literacy success by providing strategies and techniques that you can incorporate into your secondary classroom in order to scaffold your students’ literacy development. In this course, you will learn to implement research-based instructional practices that scaffold adolescents’ literacy development in the areas of motivation, engagement, reading expository text, using prior knowledge, vocabulary, comprehension, writing, and studying. Additionally, you will learn to implement research-based assessment techniques that will allow you to monitor your students’ growth and adjust your instructional practices to foster their continued progress.


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