Auditory Processing Disorder


  • Analyze the impact and manifestations of Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Develop methods for working with students with APD in the classroom
  • Create a successful classroom environment for all students


APD is a disorder in affecting a person’s ability to understand speech and process auditory information. The impact that this disorder can have on a student is profound. How often do you have a student ask you to repeat something or have a delay in answering your questions? The affects go beyond this. Their classwork, homework, test grades, comprehension and retention all suffer. A student who has trouble processing incoming information or directions, will give answers that seem odd or not even related at all. Their output is affected and can lead to countless errors. This course will focus on what APD is, diagnosing APD, distinguishing differences between APD and other disorders, treatment of APD, classroom modification, teaching strategies, and compensatory strategies to make these students more successful in the classroom. This class is appropriate for all K-12 teachers.


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