Battling Teacher Burnout


  • Evaluate various roles you play and self care
  • Assess relationship between stress and self care
  • Create strategies for physical and emotional wellness


Teachers in today’s classrooms have more expectations and pressures placed on them than ever before.  The rapid change that we have seen in education is nothing like previous teacher generations faced.  Federal and State standards, technological advancements, social emotional initiatives and teacher ratings have created pressures on teachers that cannot be denied.  All teachers have heard about teacher burnout – it is something that has been discussed in faculty rooms by first year teachers and veteran teachers alike.  Educators need to develop and work at the skills needed to prevent this burnout.  Educators in this course will be able to reflect upon their attitudes and morale, and strategies for improving their morale and professionalism.  It is essential to consider how this burnout can impact your teaching practice and, as a result, student achievement.  Educators will examine methods for improving morale and avoiding burnout feelings.


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