Deconstructing the Opportunity Gap


  • Define, detail, and discuss elements of an underserved community
  • Understand, debate, and discuss how tracking contributes to the student opportunity gap
  • Utilize new resources to plan his or her own classroom strategies


A consequence of the widening income gap in the United States is its effects on education in underserved communities. It is widely believed that education is an important stepping stone for financial and personal success. However, as it has been widely documented, students from underserved communities are not being afforded the same opportunities as their peers in more affluent communities.  This course will explore opportunities, introduce educators to available resources, and ultimately support teachers in their desire to close the achievement gap of our underserved student populations.


This course will include five Modules of learning:

  • What is an underserved community? 
    • Our students in crisis
    • Their futures in doubt
  • Creating Equitable Education
      • Tracking
      • Systematic Help
      • Resources


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