Emotional Security and Safe Schools


  • Research and examine implementation techniques for emotional and physical safety
  • Create emotionally safe school culture


Emotional security and safety of staff and students in schools, it starts with educating our staff on what this entails. When it comes to safety in schools, most people respond with answers related to security systems or police presence in schools. These physical precautions to safety are often the focus of schools when trying to keep staff and students secure. We must not ignore though, a key component in keeping our schools safe: emotional security. How students feel when they are in school shapes learning and student development. The emotional security component is often overlooked for physically safer schools. The reality is emotional security needs to be just as important. It needs to be deeply rooted into the culture of a school, both for staff and students. By addressing emotional security in schools, students will be more engaged in learning, staff will be more aware of the individual needs of students and risk prevention strategies will fall into place. This course is appropriate for all K-12 teachers and school professionals.


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