Gifted Teaching and Learning in Every Classroom


  • Create social platforms and activities that demonstrate an awareness of the importance of technology and learning
  • Build improved classroom activities that are focused on preparing students for the 21st Century
  • Design and deliver a Padlet lesson and assignment
  • Design and upload a classroom website with items discussed during the course


When students with “exceptional abilities in any area that exceeds grade level expectations,” we consider them to be gifted. If teachers are unable to identify these students and modify their curriculum, they often become the least likely to succeed in your classroom. They can become frustrated, bored and uninspired. 


In this course, educators will learn how to identify gifted students, address the unique challenges they experience, create appropriate assignments & differentiate your own pre-existing plans. The resulting techniques and instruction energize and motivate students and ignites curiosity and inspires students to challenge themselves to learn and grow in amazing new ways. This course is appropriate for all K-12 teachers and school professionals.


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