Health Sciences Applied to Coaching


  • Examine health science concepts related to coaching


The course is a series of interactive exercises and activities designed to study Health Sciences as they apply to coaching sports. Through these activities, exercises and health application to coaching topics, participants will gain information, organize it for professional and personal use, and apply it to their particular programs. Health Sciences as applied to coaching will also help define: selected principles of biology, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology related to coaching; risk minimization; mixed competition; selection and classification of athletes; age and maturity of athletes.

Graduate Credits

Boise State University

Course Number: 064
You can earn 3 Graduate Level Credits ($180) from Boise State University for this course. Select “Boise State” as the credit type when adding the course to your cart.
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**To earn graduate level credit, participants will need to complete an additional graduate level assignment**


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