How to Flip Your Classroom


  • Learn why it makes sense to flip your classroom – everyone is doing it!
  • Explore free resources available to start flipping your classroom tomorrow!
  • Incorporate content rich resources into your lesson such as TED Talks, Khan Academy and the NY Times.


One of the hottest buzz phrases in education today is the “flipped classroom.” The premise behind the flipped classroom is to create an environment where the lecture and homework aspects of a course are reversed. Today’s student, who is more tech savvy than ever before, is equipped to access content at home, replacing the traditional in-class lecture. This then allows for class time to be spent applying concepts and completing guided practice activity with an increased opportunity for student questioning.

Flipped lessons provide for more active learning opportunities with students taking more responsibility reaching learning objectives. This course will analyze the theories and research supporting flipped lessons, as well as introduce educators to online tools and resources to create a successful and meaningful flipped experience. Participants will explore and utilize many free resources including TED TALKS, Khan Academy and the NY Times.


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