Nature-based Pedagogy in the Elementary Classroom


  • Analyze the power of nature in child development
  • Investigate current issues and find solutions
  • Create an inclusive and equitable community that supports nature-based learning




Playful engagement in nature can be a powerful tool for learning. That’s common sense to many who spent their childhoods in nature observing a cicada exit its shell, watching ants at war or picking a dandelion to blow it’s seeds to make a wish.  In this course, you will learn about the research and best practices that underpin a classroom that utilizes nature as the forefront.  Participants will learn how to use nature to harness their students’ curiosities through meaningful lessons and activities in and out of the classroom.  Anchored in research about how children connect to the natural world and explore, this course will foster a love, dependence and appreciation of our Earth and all its gifts.

Graduate Credits

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