Social Emotional Strategies During Remote Learning


  • Discuss the importance of SEL in remote classrooms
  • Develop remote learning SEL activities


Technology has become ubiquitous in today’s classroom amid a global pandemic and school closures. With all of these innovations in technology, it’s important to take time to reflect on how to most effectively use our time with the most appropriate tools for social emotional learning. In order to teach the whole child, we as educators must understand that learning is also a social and emotional experiences. Knowing one’s emotions, how to manage them, and ways to express them constructively are essential life skills. These skills enable one to handle stress, control impulses, and motivate oneself to persevere when faced with personal, academic, or work-related obstacles. A related set of skills involves accurately assessing one’s abilities and interests, building upon strengths, making effective use of family, school, and community supports and resources. These social emotional skills, thought processes and behavioral strategies can be contributing factors to one’s success beyond the academic assessments.

This class will allow you to apply technology to any discipline of education to make your teaching even more engaging and appropriate for SEL in today’s remote classroom. This course will also explore how underserved communities will not have the opportunities to access some of the materials presented. Each educator will have the opportunity to create student resources, collaborate with their peers, and exchange ideas and best practices. This course is appropriate for all K-12 professionals.

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Boise State University, Cleveland State University – CEU, Open Enrollment


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