Special Education Strategies During Remote Learning


  • This is a 1 Credit/15 hour course
  • Examine the needs of special education students during remote instruction
  • Explore how to apply strategies into the remote classroom each day.


As we transition into a new way to educate our students, it is essential to unpack and familiarize ourselves with how this will affect students with disabilities.  While it can be frustrating to shift our classrooms to a virtual setting, it is essential to realize that special education students will be impacted more than most students during this time.  This course will assist educators in getting started with strategies for special education students during remote instruction, identifying their needs and helping them advocate during these unprecedented times. Each educator will have the opportunity to create student resources, collaborate with their peers, and exchange ideas and best practices. 


**This is a 1 credit/15 hour course**

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Boise State University, Cleveland State University – CEU, Open Enrollment


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