Stoic Calm – Building a Strong Mindset


Participants will bring back a handful of strategies and methods for utilizing Stoic mindfulness and will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Teachers will research and analyze methods of the Stoic mindset and find comparative elements in a variety belief systems across the globe for increased student motivation, retention, and performance. Teachers will bring back to their classrooms useable lesson plans.



Multiple times per week our inboxes are flooded with new alerts and updates regarding the health of our school environments. Today’s students and staff share anxious and worrying concerns about their school and their learning communities. How can we approach this seemingly endless stream of bad news? The answer is through Stoicism. In this course you will learn ways to quiet the mind when encountering negative thinking and take steps to make both you and your students feel better about themselves no matter what news arrives. You will be able to breathe and guide your mind through visualizations and steps in cognitive distancing every day. As teachers, we all face the dilemma of not having enough time to teach with depth and it seems like we are always just scratching the surface. We are bombarded by paperwork, testing requirements, classroom management issues, and core curriculum expectations so we need to have our best frame of mind set to forge ahead. It is more than a mindful minute; it is a way of life.

Graduate Credits

Boise State University

Course Number: 081
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