Teaching Together


  • Examine how peer coaching can enhance classroom practice and academic achievement
  • Examine the purposes and benefits of mentoring and coaching


This course is designed to assist all educators in developing and utilizing effective practices to successfully mentor novice teachers and teachers in need of help. In addition, the course will explore the benefits that experienced teachers can gain by collaborating with colleagues in peer coaching programs. Because teaching is such a complex and demanding profession, it is important for new teachers to be provided with a support system that allows them to transition from theory to practice.  Recent legislation in many states calls for mentoring new teachers in order to help them improve and strengthen their skills and practices and thus, keep them in the profession.  Meanwhile, veteran teachers need to remain current with new teaching methods, stay energized in the classroom and experience periodic professional renewal in order to avoid burnout. Many reports suggest the next decade will see a huge turnover in the teaching profession as older teachers begin to retire and younger ones replace them. This course will assist teachers in creating a support system for their colleagues that will help to increase behavioral and academic results for all students, utilizing equitable practices that include underserved populations so that the playing field is leveled. This course supports the premise that all educators are lifelong learners and that working in partnership with colleagues enhances classroom practices, improves students’ learning and builds social communities. This course is appropriate for all K-12 school professionals.




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